The Random Acts Of Kindness Week

When asked what is generally celebrated in February, a large majority of people will say “Valentine’s Day”, also known as the holiday of romantic love. However, while most of us are familiar with the traditions that surround Valentine’s Day (the “Will you be my Valentine?” cards, the chocolates, the flowers etc.), less people are aware that this month hosts another very important week, which recently got its own day: The Random Acts Of Kindness Day.

While, according to The Kindness Blog, the origins of the Random Acts of Kindness Week remain shrouded in mystery, the week has been celebrated over the past few years somewhere around the middle of February. Apparently, this year, the Random Acts of Kindness week starts on the 11th of February, culminating with the Random Acts Of Kindness Day, which you should mark in your calendar on February the 17th.

But why do we need a day or even a week to celebrate kindness? Shouldn’t we strive be kind everyday? While the people from agree with this idea, the Random Acts Of Kindness Day and the Random Acts of Kindness Week serve the purpose of raising awareness about the importance of being kind to each other in order to create a better world, a friendlier society and a happier environment.

We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the health benefits that being kind to each other have been scientifically proven to have. According to several studies, we are biologically wired to be kind, and kindness has been shown to release the feel-good hormones, ease anxiety, reduce stress, protect the heart and increase longevity.

If you’re just as excited about celebrating the Random Acts of Kindness Week as the rest of us are, but can’t think of any kind things you could do, here is a list of ideas that might turn you into a ‘kindness hero’ in the eyes of everyone around you. Check it out and you’ll realize that there are opportunities to do at least a random act of kindness every day.

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  1. It would be great, if we could be kind all the time but we are still human and that’s not always possible.
    Still, if we could remember the kindness of somebody else showed for us, then it will be easy for us to do the same

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