The Prayer of Saint Cyprian of Nicomedia

Lord Jesus Christ, Our God, Creator and Provider of all, Holy and venerable You are; The King Of Kings and God Of Gods, may You be glorified.

I ask You, The One Who lives in the incomprehensible and distant light, to make the demons depart from your followers and extinguish all their deception, for the sake of my prayer, for I am your humble and unworthy servant. Make the rain fall over the earth when it is needed, and make the earth bear its fruit; make the trees and the vineyards plenarily bear their fruit; set the women free from sins and from any infertility of their womb; after all these are achieved and the entire world is freed, set the entire creation free of all of the devil’s binds. And set your servant (insert the name of the person whom you are praying for) and everything in his/her household free from all the binds of satan, of magic, of charms and of all of the enemy’s powers. Hinder, oh, Lord, God of our ancestors, all of satan’s work, You, Who offer exemption from magic, charms, spells and all his doings and bindings, and destroy all disingenuous work by the mention of Your Most Holy name.

Thusly, God, Lord of all things, hear me, the unworthy one, and unfetter your servant (insert the name of the person you’re praying for) from all of satan’s bindings, and if they be bonded in the skies or on Earth, or with the skin of unreasoning animals or with iron or with stone, or with wood, or with writing, or with human blood, or with the blood of birds or of fish, or through uncleanliness, or in any other way has this befall upon them, or if from other places has it come, from the sea, from wells, from graves, or from any other place, or if it came through human nails, or through the claws of animals or birds, or through snakes (alive or dead), or through the soil of the dead, or if it came through piercing of needles, unbind them all forever this very moment, Lord, with Your great power. 

You, Lord, Our God, Who knows and discerns all things, unbind, batter and destroy right now the works of magic, and protect Your servant (insert the name of the person whom you are praying for) and all their household from all of the demonic conspiracies.

With the magnitude of Your incorruptible and life-giving Cross, crush all the adverse powers. 

Desolate, destroy and banish forever the works of magic, witchcraft and sorcery from your servant (insert the name of the person whom you are praying for). 

Lord, hear me, the sinner, with everyone in my household, and set them free from the demon of the afternoon, from all sickness and from all the curse, from all anger, adversity, gossip, envy, charms, unmercifulness, idleness, greediness, helplessness, stupidity, foolishness, pride, cruelty, inequity, conceit, and of all known or unknown errancies and mistakes, for the sake of Your holy name, for blessed are you forever. Amen.

(translated into English by Lucian Hodoboc)

If you want to know more about Saint Cyprian of Nicomedia, an ex-wizard, and how he turned to God because of the Holy Virgin Saint Justina, I invite you to read this article: )

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