A Great Christian YouTube Channel: Christopher West

I’m continuing the series of mini-articles in which I showcase interesting Christian YouTube channels that I stumble across and that have a positive impact upon me, with Christopher West’s channel.

An author, speaker and founder of the TOB Institute (The Theology Of The Body Institute), Christopher West Th.D., has been creating videos on YouTube for several years. Alongside his wife, Wendy West, he has an online podcast in which he has tackled a wide variety of Catholic Christian topics, but his focus is on aspects related to the theology of the body.

Check out a few of his videos and let me know in the comments if you found yourself impressed with the approach in which topics such as the Christian perspective on sexuality are discussed. I know I was.

Christopher West – What to do with your «sexual needs» as a Christian
Christopher West – Be real with God! How to pray authentically

A great Christian YouTube channel: Gamerfaith

When I wrote the previous article in which I gave a shout out to a Christian YouTuber, I intended it to be a one-time thing. I had come across many hardworking video content creators who put out Christian content on YouTube, so making shout out articles for each of them seemed like something I didn’t particularly feel like doing.

However, I’ve partially changed my mind. I currently intend to turn this thing into a series. I will include these shout outs in a category of their own. Every now and then I will write an article about a YouTube channel that has particularly impacted me in a positive manner in my walk with God.

In the current article I will present to you Gamerfaith. In hopes of helping him reach out more people through his videos, I just wanted to ask you to check out his channel, subscribe and watch some of his content.

He tackles various sensitive topics, such as overcoming pornography addiction, anxiety, insecurity that stems from bullying etc., and addresses the issues by bringing examples from his life and by trying to offer solutions that have worked for him. He strikes me as a very cool and helpful guy.

He also has social media accounts linked on his YouTube page and in the video descriptions, in case you want to support him through Patreon or message him and ask him for advice.

A great Christian YouTube channel: Amylee Dejesus

I’ve recently come across the YouTube channel of a Christian girl whose videos I find remarkably inspiring / motivational (and whose subscriber-count is, sadly, too low considering the quality of content she has uploaded).

In hopes of helping her reach out more people through her online ministry, I just wanted to give her channel a shout out in this blog post. Her YouTube username is Amylee Dejesus. I’ve watched a few of her videos and I’m simply at a loss for words. She just shines godliness. Beautiful, soft-spoken, displaying a faith that might move mountains someday, Amylee Dejesus is currently one my very favorite Christian YouTubers. God seems to be really using her to reach people through The Holy Spirit.

Please go subscribe to her channel, watch her videos and may God work through her in your soul at least as much as He is currently working in mine.