Writing prompt 9

You were raised in a family with a strong atheistic world view and you’ve always looked down on people who believe in God. When you fall in love with a Christian person of the opposite gender, during your first year at University, you accept attending Church and praying with him/her a few times, mainly to humor him/her, but immediately after, inexplicable events that you can’t brush off as coincidences start occurring…

Writing prompt 8

You’re babysitting your infant brother all by yourself when he speaks his first words. As he looks at the ceiling, he says in a thick foreign accent, “I don’t think I can handle this mission. I need more instructions!” There’s something unusual about that kid, but nobody believes you.

Writing prompt 7

You’ve always frowned upon missionary dating, but then again, you’ve never had a crush on a good-looking agnostic with such a strong interest in Christianity before. And to top it off, she/he seems to like you too. What does God want you to do in this situation?

Writing prompt 6

You can’t remember when or how you obtained immortality. You’ve learned to constantly assume new identities, travel the world and remain as inconspicuous as you could over the millenia. You stopped making friends as you grew tired of getting attached to people only to see them age and die. It’s the year 3000, time travel has finally been invented, but the first journey back into the past severely alters the timeline. Somehow, you’re the only one who hasn’t been affected by this.

Writing prompt 4

You’re the guardian angel of a physically-disabled teenager who’s constantly bullied by his high-school peers and doesn’t have any friends. You show himself to him / her in an attempt to comfort him in a moment when he / she was feeling suicidal, only to realize that he / she starts to develop a romantic crush on you.

Writing prompt 3

After many centuries, technological advancements allow humankind to explore the galaxy, and we discover an alien civilization on a planet just outside our solar system. They look similar to humans, and our translation devices make communication between our two species possible. Everyone is shocked to find out that they’re also waiting for a Messiah to return.

Writing prompt 1

Your new flatmate is weird. She’s very beautiful, but also a religious fanatic who constantly preaches the Gospel to you and asks you to stop living a sinful life. You find a new place to stay and enter her room to say goodbye, only to see that she has grown wings and is surrounded by light.