The Child Christ: A Nativity Story – short film

With Christmas right around the corner, I wanted to share this short movie I recently discovered while browsing YouTube. This new depiction of the Nativity story, made by, recounts in beautiful detail the sacred events found in the Bible about Jesus’s birth over 2,000 years ago.

Journey with Joseph and Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Witness the awe of the shepherds in the plains of Judea. Feel the joy of the wise men as they kneel before the Light of the World – our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Visit to learn more about the significance of this special first Christmas.

The Child Christ: A Nativity Story

#LightTheWorld: Since 2016, #LightTheWorld has grown into a global initiative each Christmas, with millions of participants. Throughout the Christmas season, individuals perform acts of service and kindness to demonstrate Jesus’s love one by one.

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Christ Tempted

I want to share this short movie I stumbled upon on YouTube. It’s called “Christ Tempted” and it depicts the forty days in the wilderness where Jesus Christ, prior to beginning His earthly ministry, was tempted by Satan,… but never sinned.

The movie was directed by David Helling, whose social media accounts are written in the movie description box.

Christ tempted – short movie

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Let me know what you thought about this short movie. God bless you!

The Chosen – TV series

Directed and co-written by American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins, The Chosen is the first original TV series about the life of Jesus Christ.

Backed by over $11 million dollars raised through crowdfunding, the groundbreaking multi-season series, that dramatizes the Gospel narrative and presents the ministry and miracles of Jesus Christ, launched this week for viewers to stream on-demand.

The writer and director behind The Chosen says they aim to change the rules for how to cinematically approach the biblical text.

“I’ve seen pretty much every Jesus movie or miniseries ever made,” says Dallas Jenkins, a filmmaker for the past two decades. “But I’ve had the hardest time connecting with most of them, even the ones I’ve enjoyed as a believer, because they make the journey safe and clean.

“There’s no way to portray redemption — from depravity and oppression, to joy and freedom — unless it’s desperate and authentic.”

On Tuesday, in advance of Easter weekend, a full trailer for The Chosen released along with the series premiere (currently free). Three further episodes are available for purchase. Producers announced the complete first season will release in November on the VidAngel streaming video platform.

Check out the official trailer below:

The Chosen trailer – a TV series about the life of Jesus Christ

The Confession – Korean short film

“The Confession” is a Korean Christian short film, directed by John La Raw from Myanmar. You can watch it on YouTube for free, and I’ll embed the video below:

The film was dedicated to “The Year of Mercy” and received five International film festival awards so far, and nominated in various International film festivals.

If you haven’t watched it, I invite you to do so and share your opinion about it in the comments section below or in the video’s comments section on YouTube.

To summarize the plot of the movie (spoilers ahead): “The Confession” tells the story of a young priest who listens as an elderly man confesses to the sin of involuntary manslaughter he committed twenty years ago. The elderly man is riddled with guilt and visibly pained by the choice he made to flee the scene and avoid the police after having hit a man with his car while returning home from a party where he had consumed alcohol. When asked why he decided to confess this sin this late, the elderly man states that he has end-stage cancer and doesn’t have much time left to live. As the details of the man’s crime continue to unfold, the priest suddenly realizes that he has a very personal connection to the story: the victim was his father and he, the priest, had witnessed his father’s death from the sidewalk. The priest recalls through several flashbacks how he had cried over his father body and had pleaded in vain for someone to help his father while the drunk driver never stopped to take his father to the hospital. Enraged, the priest confronts the elderly penitent man and when the latter collapses because of his poor health condition, the priest helps him take a seat in the church and tells him to rest while he goes to pray. Kneeling before the cross of Jesus Christ, the priest says The Lord’s Prayer and cries. He then returns to the elderly man and tells him that he forgives him, that he offers him absolution of his sin. When the elderly man retorts, stating that he doesn’t deserve his forgiveness, the priest tells him that he should not be so hard on himself and that his (the priest’s) father had not died in that accident, but rather he was taken to the hospital by someone else and he had survived. Relieved by the thought that he is not a murderer, the man rejoices and offers to pay back for all the compensations to the priest’s father, but the priest informs him that his father had recently died and advises the elderly man to give money to charitable causes, a thing that the elderly man agrees to do. The next scene shows the priest returning home and taking his father’s photo as tears fill his eyes. He addresses his father’s photo and asks for his forgiveness because he had lied to the elderly penitent man about the fact that he (the priest’s father) had survived the accident.

A lesson in self-appreciation

A heartwarming scene from Luc Besson’s movie “Angel-A”. The girl, Angela, is some sort of (fallen?) angel on a mission to teach André, a self-loathing guy who had a rough life and wants to kill himself, the importance of self-appreciation and the impact that taking time to reflect on one’s own qualities can have upon a person’s self-esteem.

This is one of my favorite movies and I highly recommend you watch it. 🙂