Forbidden Foods in the Bible Explained | Leviticus 11

I recently came across a video from the Lord, I’m trying YouTube channel (I quite like that channel name!) about the forbidden foods from the Jewish Bible, the ones mentioned in Leviticus 11. Starting with the questions, “Why would God forbid the Jewish people from eating certain foods? If they were unhealthy, why wouldn’t God • Read More »

Judaism’s 14 Mandatory Acts of Kindness

Judaism doesn’t view doing acts of kindness as voluntary, rather it instructs 14 mandatory acts of kindness. Here is the list: To find out more details about each of the mandatory acts of kindness, watch the following video: This video was produced for Lesson 6 of Well-Connected, a course by the Rosh Chodesh Society. You • Read More »

Morality vs holiness – Rabbi David Aaron

I stumbled across the YouTube channel of a Jewish Rabbi who makes short animated videos that contain religious wisdom. His name is Rabbi David Aaron and I invite you to check out his Youtube channel and website, as well as his various accounts on social media. For now, I would like to share with you • Read More »

Jewish Book Week, 2022

Jewish Book Week is an annual international literary festival, held in London. This year, between Saturday 26 February and Sunday 06 March, is its 70th anniversary. It is organized by the Jewish Book Council, a registered charity that dates back to 1925. The Jewish Book Council is one of the oldest organization serving the Jewish • Read More »