The Icon of the Nativity of Christ

In this video, Stephan from the Patristix YouTube channel makes a detailed commentary on the Icon of the Nativity of Christ, which can be found in every Christian Orthodox Church all through the year, not just at Christmas time. The Eastern-Orthodox Church is full of icons. Many of these images go back centuries and the • Read More »

Bishop Barron on the reality of life after death

I just thought I’d share one of Bishop Barron’s recent videos because I found it particularly interesting. He speaks about the Catholic Christian view of life after death, and its evolution throughout the Old and the New Testaments. Our dominant secularist or materialist ideology says that matter in motion is all there is; the world • Read More »

Quotes of Christian saints – part 1

I’m thinking about starting on this blog a series of articles that contain nothing but quotes of Christian saints, quotes that I find helpful and that I hope will impact you in positive ways. Without further ado, let’s start with this Instagram post from