The illusion of interabled relationships: Alienating the struggle of disabled singles

Introduction In recent years, the rise of social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok has given voice to interabled couples, shedding light on their unique experiences and challenges. While it is commendable that these couples strive to educate the world about interabled relationships, their portrayal often creates an illusion that these relationships are far more • Read More »

International Day of People with Disability, 2020

This year, on International Disability Day, I want to leave you with this short video created by Australian motivational speaker Tim from, about why we should try to find the ability in disability: It reminds me of a quote attributed to Mr. Rogers: “It’s not what you can’t do. It’s what you can • Read More »

Writing prompt 4

You’re the guardian angel of a physically-disabled teenager who’s constantly bullied by his high-school peers and doesn’t have any friends. You show yourself to him / her in an attempt to comfort him / her in a moment when he / she was feeling suicidal, only to realize that he / she starts to develop • Read More »