Kallistos Ware on the theories of atonement (Salvation in Christ)

In Christianity, there are various theories of atonement. In this series of videos, the late Eastern Orthodox bishop and theologian Kallistos Ware explains some of the theories regarding Salvation. I have found them very interesting and I wanted to share them in this article. Please watch them and let me know what your opinions on the matter are.

Bishop Barron – about pain

As Catholics celebrate Good Friday, I invite you to read a very interesting article about the metaphysics of pain, written by Bishop Robert Barron. I will quote this part, which has really caught my attention through its profoundness:

“Once we understand that God’s love is more powerful than suffering, we have lost, at least in principle, the motivation to sin.”

Let me know your opinions about the points brought into discussion by Bishop Barron in the article.

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen – Nice people

I have just come across this video in which Bishop Fulton J. Sheen talks about the difference between people who are considered “nice” and those who are considered “awful”. I was not familiar with Bishop Sheen before, and the video randomly appeared on my YouTube feed, but I must say that I intend to research more about his work because I was really impressed with his preaching style.

I love how he incorporates humor in his speeches and how he takes long pauses to stress certain important ideas when he talks. His mannerisms are also quite fascinating. I definitely recommend you check out this video and let me know what you think about it and about Bishop Fulton J. Sheen in general.