Free oil painting course by Len Hend

Thinking about taking up oil painting as a hobby? Allow me to share with you one of the most useful free oil painting courses I’ve come across on the internet. It was created by Australian painter Len Hend, and it can be found here:, as well as on You can also buy additional lessons on DVDs or via direct download on his website.

I would like to thank Len Hend for using his knowledge so altruistically and for taking the time to record all these wonderful painting tutorials. I invite everyone who is interested in learning oil and acrylics painting to check out his websites (,, ), his YouTube channel and his Facebook page.

International Artists’ Day, 2019

Observed every year on October 25th, International Artists’ Day was founded by Chris MacClure (more than a decade ago) with the aim of bringing recognition to the world of art and celebrating all the ways that artists bring their own special view to life.

You can read more about it and learn about various ways in which you can celebrate International Artists’ Day and support local artists by clicking here.

Happy International Artists’ Day, 2019!