Interesting info about Orthodox prayer ropes

Today I want to present to you two YouTube channels, related to Orthodox Christianity, whose content I hope will bless your life.

The first one is Fr. Zacharias Thornbury‘s, who is the presiding priest at the Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church in Melbourne, Florida, USA.

Although he doesn’t upload often, the videos he has uploaded so far contain sound Orthodox theology and are very interesting. Fr. Thornbury tries to appeal to the younger audience through the use of modern terminology, catchy titles and thumbnails.

One particular video I’d like to share in this article is the one in which he explains how to make an Orthodox prayer rope (also called a Komboskini):

How to Tie an Orthodox Prayer Rope Komboskini, Chotki – Fr. Zacharias Thornbury

In the video description, he added a PDF file that contains a detailed, step-by-step tutorial with photos. I highly recommend you check it out.

The second channel I want to introduce you to is called Orthodox Handmade. Although still small, the channel is very promising, and caught my attention through the following video:

Orthodox Prayer Ropes **WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW** – Orthodox Handmade

This episode (which is the third one of their podcast) is jam-packed with useful information on Orthodox prayer ropes. From materials, symbolism and usage, to knot counts and points on colour, in this video you can find answers to many of the questions you might have about Orthodox prayer ropes.

I also encourage you to subscribe to the channels and check out their other content.

Let me know your thoughts on the topic of Orthodox prayer ropes and feel free to share any other sources that present information not covered in the above videos.

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