Happy Independence Day, 2019, America!

4th of July is, as some of you might know, the day on which America celebrates its Independence Day.

This year marks the 243rd anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, which declared that the 13 American colonies were not under British rule any longer, but rather were free, independent states.

Across the US, parades, parties and firework displays are held in celebration. It is customary for Americans to spend the day with friends and family, sharing food and decorating homes and clothes with the US flag.

At the first celebration in 1777, fireworks lit up the sky in celebration, despite the US still in the midst of the Revolutionary War. Ever since, on the 4th of July, firework displays have been held across the country.

Here is an article about the best fourth of July firework shows across the USA: https://people.com/travel/happy-birthday-america-here-are-the-best-fourth-of-july-fireworks-shows-across-the-u-s-a/

If you want to find out more about how the tradition started, click here.

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