Happy Birthday, Brittany Murphy!

Today, November the 10th, is Brittany Murphy’s birthday. It’s been almost six years since she left this earthly body and went to heaven. She was too beautiful, too talented and too pure for our world to fully appreciate. She was my favorite actress and my number 1 teenage crush. As a Christian, I don’t believe in the idea that humans become angels after dying because The Bible tells us that humans and angels are two different species, but if anyone could have been angelic in nature, that person would be Brittany Murphy.

We will never forget you, Britt. Your memory will shine bright, just like your adorable smile, in the hearts of millions of fans for as long as we will live. And someday, I hope to meet you in Heaven.

Happy Birthday, Brittany! May God bless you wherever you are.

One comment on “Happy Birthday, Brittany Murphy!

  1. I had to Google a little to find out information about her. Looks like she is an actress and a singer. That’s just wow. Playing two roles like that in life can be very hard. I truly think she is great because of that.

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