Free, open-source, customizable illustrations updated daily

I was just browsing the “InternetIsBeautiful” subreddit the other day and came across something that really impressed me and that I wanted to share.

When creating a website or blog articles, many people add illustrations to make their articles visually-attractive. But free illustrations are hard to find, and purchasing illustrations can get quite costly in the long run.

Illustrations are no easy to create. It takes skill, time and dedication, which is why I think you will really appreciate what the guys from have done.

On that site you can find over 100 illustrations that can be customized in terms of colors and gender, and are all free to use. That’s right: according to their FAQ, you can use them for academic, personal and commercial purposes without any attribution. It would be nice if you linked to their site and gave them a retweet, but you don’t have to. The only condition is to not sell them.

The illustrations can be downloaded as SVG files and as PNG images. Feel free to explore them. Oh, and one more thing: a new one is added every single day.

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