Christ is Risen! Happy Orthodox Easter!

Happy Easter (Pascha / Paşte or Resurrection Sunday) to all the Orthodox people in the world! Let’s celebrate Christ’s resurrection by rejoicing, praying and striving to be better!

In Romania and other European countries, one of the traditions is to boil and die eggs in red (and other colors, although they should generally be red because the color symbolizes Christ’s blood) and to crack them by tapping the end of one egg against the end of another. One person holds one egg and another person holds another. The first person says “Christ is risen!” and the second person replies: “Truly He is risen!”.

You can read more about the tradition by clicking the links below:

This is how you say “Christ is risen!” and “Truly He is risen!” in Romanian:

Hristos a înviat! Adevărat a înviat!

And this is how you say it in various other languages:

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