A great Christian YouTube channel: Gamerfaith

When I wrote the previous article in which I gave a shout out to a Christian YouTuber, I intended it to be a one-time thing. I had come across many hardworking video content creators who put out Christian content on YouTube, so making shout out articles for each of them seemed like something I didn’t particularly feel like doing.

However, I’ve partially changed my mind. I currently intend to turn this thing into a series. I will include these shout outs in a category of their own. Every now and then I will write an article about a YouTube channel that has particularly impacted me in a positive manner in my walk with God.

In the current article I will present to you Gamerfaith. In hopes of helping him reach out more people through his videos, I just wanted to ask you to check out his channel, subscribe and watch some of his content.

He tackles various sensitive topics, such as overcoming pornography addiction, anxiety, insecurity that stems from bullying etc., and addresses the issues by bringing examples from his life and by trying to offer solutions that have worked for him. He strikes me as a very cool and helpful guy.

He also has social media accounts linked on his YouTube page and in the video descriptions, in case you want to support him through Patreon or message him and ask him for advice.

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