A great Christian YouTube channel: Amylee Dejesus

I’ve recently come across the YouTube channel of a Christian girl whose videos I find remarkably inspiring / motivational (and whose subscriber-count is, sadly, too low considering the quality of content she has uploaded).

In hopes of helping her reach out more people through her online ministry, I just wanted to give her channel a shout out in this blog post. Her YouTube username is Amylee Dejesus. I’ve watched a few of her videos and I’m simply at a loss for words. She just shines godliness. Beautiful, soft-spoken, displaying a faith that might move mountains someday, Amylee Dejesus is currently one my very favorite Christian YouTubers. God seems to be really using her to reach people through The Holy Spirit.

Please go subscribe to her channel, watch her videos and may God work through her in your soul at least as much as He is currently working in mine.

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