Happy New Year, 2021!

May we all have a blessed, peaceful and Happy New Year, under the protection of God The Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit!

Joyful Christmas, 2020!

“Today is born of the Virgin Him Who holdest all creation in the hollow of His hand. He Whose essence is untouchable is wrapped in swaddling clothes as a babe.” — From the Royal 9th Hour of the Nativity. I hope everyone has a joyful Christmas, filled with the blessings and the peace that only • Read More »

Look on the Bright Side Day, 2020

Every year on the 21th of December it’s Look on the Bright Side Day, a day to be optimistic, a day that encourages people from around the world to see positive situations and circumstances. Look on the Bright Side Day is all about learning the positive lessons and embracing an optimistic approach. The origin of the • Read More »

Christianity and neuroplasticity

“We don’t think our way into new ways of living; we live our way into new ways of thinking.” – Richard Rohr. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments section.