10 reasons to love God

I’ve never been much of a Tumblr fan because the site’s user interface doesn’t really attract me, but I’ve tried to give it another chance recently, and I have to say that I have come across some really awesome Christian blogs. I’ve decided to share some of them as articles on my blog and provide • Read More »

Beheading of Saint John the Baptist Feast Day 2019

On August 29, The Orthodox and The Catholic Churches commemorate the beheading of John The Baptist. A strict fast is kept on this day. I invite you to read a detailed account of the Biblical event here: https://greekcitytimes.com/2019/08/29/beheading-of-john-the-baptist/ and here: https://catholicexchange.com/memorial-of-the-passion-of-saint-john-the-baptist.

Happy International Dog Day, 2019!

Founded in the US in 2004 by pet and family lifestyle expert Colleen Paige, International Dog Day has since spread all over the world, giving dog owners a special day to celebrate man’s best friend. And that day is August 26. International Dog Day encourages dog ownership of all breeds. Whether mixed or purebred, all • Read More »

Muslim girl discovers true peace and identity

A cool testimony (of an ex-Muslim girl) that I came across on The 700 Club YouTube channel, and thought I’d share. I don’t know why. It just seemed very interesting to me. May God increase my faith as He did to this sister in Christ.