Which operating system do you use?

Let me know which operating system you use. Also share your opinions about the operating system of your choice in the comments section below. What do you like and dislike the most about it?

A beautiful Orthodox Prayer

I’ve recently come across a beautiful Orthodox prayer that I’d like to share: My most merciful and all-merciful God, O Lord Jesus Christ! In Thy great love, Thou didst come down and become flesh in order to save all. Again, I pray Thee, save me by Grace! If Thou shouldst save me because of my • Read More »

Writing prompt 7

You’ve always frowned upon missionary dating, but then again, you’ve never had a crush on a good-looking agnostic with such a strong interest in Christianity before. And to top it off, she/he seems to like you too. What does God want you to do in this situation?

Father Stephen Freeman – On Orthodox blogging

I recently came across an interview with Father Stephen Freeman, an Orthodox Archpriest, author and blogger. In the interview, Fr. Freeman discusses how he began blogging, and makes recommendations for Orthodox interested in blogging. While I don’t agree 100% with his views about what it means to be an Orthodox blogger and about whether Orthodox • Read More »