The Orthodox Creed (The Symbol of Faith)

Written at the First Ecumenical Council in 325 AD and amended at the Second Ecumenical Council in 381 AD, The Creed was agreed to remain unchanged and so it has remained in the Orthodox Tradition. The word “creed comes” from the Latin credo, which means “I believe”. In the Orthodox Church, the Creed is usually • Read More »

Short prayer for repentance

This is a short Christian prayer that I have found on a Romanian website and decided to translate into English because I particularly liked it. May it help bring those who read it closer to God and grant them His great mercy. Lord, forgive me. Do not judge me according to my weakness and wickedness, • Read More »

Writing prompt 4

You’re the guardian angel of a physically-disabled teenager who’s constantly bullied by his high-school peers and doesn’t have any friends. You show yourself to him / her in an attempt to comfort him / her in a moment when he / she was feeling suicidal, only to realize that he / she starts to develop • Read More »

Romania’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Romania’s national selection for this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest has taken place on the 17th of February 2019, having the slogan “Fulfill the dream!”. The winner is Ester Peony, who performed the song “On a Sunday”, which she had written together with Alexandru Șerbu and Ioana Victoria Badea. The song was selected through • Read More »